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"Geeks Who Drink" Host Zachary Levi is in the Philippines

The host of Geeks Who Drink, Zachary Levi, is in the Philippines. It was spread throughout the internet when he posted a photo of beer and balut on his Instagram account.



A post shared by Zac Levi (@zacharylevi) on


(See how many eggshells there are? Not we're craving, too!)

His fans took notice of his Instagram location and tweeted him about it.



(If the roles were reversed, we definitely wouldn't be hiding from THE Lea Salonga!)

Zachary then posted more photos and videos on his Instagram, where we can derive that he's in City of Dreams Manila.



A post shared by Zac Levi (@zacharylevi) on



A post shared by Zac Levi (@zacharylevi) on


We wonder who he's hanging out with. 🤔 It would definitely be awesome to meet this guy, don't you think so? Since fans have been wanting to meet him and stalk him, he even gave a little stalking tip!



That's right. It's up to you to find Zac while he's in the Philippines! We sure are waiting for those fan encounter photos now, while we're hoping to get the chance to meet him as well.

Zac even made an announcement on his Twitter that he is, indeed, here in the country! Does this mean we should now hold a manhunt for him? 😝 If you do get to meet him, send us a photo!



Catch him on Jack TV's beer block every Sunday starting with Geeks Who Drink at 7:05PM, Brew Dogs 3 at 8PM, and Best Bars in America 2 at 8:55PM!