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Spoiler free Review: GOTG Vol. 2, A Larger Galaxy To Guard

The much awaited sequel to the uber successful Guardians of the Galaxy has hit local theaters, and people have been coming in droves to see it. To those who follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the first Guardians of the Galaxy was a sleeper hit and considered to be among the top fan favorite MCU movies of all time. It featured a group of outcasts and misfits coming together to save the galaxy. It featured great humor, a extremely talented cast, a nice 80s sci-fi feel to it, and an exceptional soundtrack. It featured a talking raccoon and a walking tree. All in all, the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was two hours of solid fun. How does the sequel stack up? Here are a few great aspects of the sequel to look out for:

This universe is constantly expanding.


One distinction between the first movie and “Vol. 2” is that it just feels bigger. The first one was a self-contained movie that involved one villain and how the Guardians had to come together to overcome. This new movie features a new set of villains, as well as an extended supporting cast. We have new additions to the team, like Yondu and Nebula, who we all saw in the first movie, and Mantis, making her first appearance in the movies. The sequel also has more scenes with the Ravagers, and has a lot of new planets featured. All in all, the feel of the movie is so much more grandiose than the first one.

You’d think they’d get along by now.


One of the reasons why the first movie was so appealing was that they all initially didn’t like each other, so when they had to band together, it made for a lot of very fun character interactions. This new movie, which is set after an undisclosed amount of time after the first one, shows the team working better together, but they are still essentially pains in each other’s respective butts. It says a lot about the team when they can accomplish so much while barely keeping it together.

Drax steals the show.


A lot of people are flocking to see Vol. 2 to see Baby Groot, who is admittedly one of the most adorable things ever created in the history of anything. However, no one expected Drax the Destroyer to be such a major character in the movie, particularly when it comes to the humor department. In the first movie, Drax had his moments, but was generally overshadowed by Starlord’s charms, the novelty of Rocket and Groot, and Thanos. In the new one, Drax easily steals every scene he’s in, whether it’s an action packed sequence or a light hearted moment.

All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is more than worth the price of admission. With the Guardians maturing with every moment, being faced with a lot of their personal turmoil, the cast and crew behind the very successful first movie that showcases some of the least known properties in comic books definitely puts forth an effort that shows that they can capture lightning in a bottle twice.