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JackTV’s Best Supporting Characters

In every TV show, the universe always seems to revolve around the main characters. But, as any true fan of television knows, sometimes, we are blessed with supporting characters that just steals the show, along with the hearts of the viewer. The shows in JackTV are just loaded with such characters, and we take a look at just a few.

The Big Bang Theory: Rajesh Koothrapalli

Rajesh, or Raj, as his friends call him, is the sweet, somewhat virginal member of the group of nerds in The Big Bang Theory. While many would point out that he isn’t technically a supporting character, but one of the main protagonists, a show that mostly revolves around Penny and Leonard’s relationship and Sheldon’s eccentricities tend to relegate Raj (and his best friend Howard) to the backdrop. However, Raj is perhaps the most unique of the characters in The Big Bang Theory. With his good natured optimism and somewhat innocent ways, Raj is the happy dreamer that a group of jaded, socially awkward geniuses needs. While he is a scientist, Raj has an artist’s soul.

The Flash: Cisco Ramon

The eponymous superhero maybe the fastest man alive and is the main protector of Central City, but any regular viewer of the show knows that it is the team’s tech guy, Cisco Ramon, who also goes by his superhero name Vibe, is the heart and soul of Team Flash. From the very first episode, Cisco’s skill with gadgets, childlike wonder, and unfiltered geekery has made him an invaluable member of the team and has become a character that provides the best lines and moments in the show. Whether he’s bantering with Harrison Wells, figuring out a new weapon to beat The Flash’s villain of the week, or just spouting movie quotes, Cisco is a must see supporting character.

The Simpsons: Milhouse Van Houten

Perennial loser Milhouse Van Houten has evolved from the bland best friend of Bart Simpson, one of the most iconic characters ever to be spawned from the 90s, to become of the most interesting characters in the very large cast of characters in Springfield. The anti-thesis to Bart’s trouble making, bad boy ways, Milhouse is often portrayed as a scared unlucky guy, but with an unwavering spirit and loyalty to his friend. He even has his own ironic catchphrase (“Everything’s coming up MIlhouse!”) cementing him as one of the stars of the show who doesn’t share a last name with Homer Simpson.

Suits: Louis Llitt

The law offices of Pearson-Specter-Litt will not be quite the same without one Louis Litt. When the show first aired, Louis was depicted as a vindictive thorn in the side of Harvey Specter. He was a jealous rival determined to prove his worth and earn his place. As the show progressed, audiences became privy to the inner workings of Louis Litt, with his childlike need for approval, his difficulty with communicating as a human being, and his devotion to the law firm he has given his life to. (Though he does have a weird way of showing it.) Anyone can relate to a character like Louis Litt, which explains his popularity.

It’s like these characters and many others that make any TV show worth watching on a weekly basis. Do you have other favorite supporting characters from the shows mentioned or other JackTV shows?