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Great Beer Moments of Pop Culture

Watch Geeks Who Drink ( SUNDAYS AT 7:05PM), Brew Dogs (SUNDAYS AT 8:00PM),and Best Bars in America ( SUNDAYS AT 8:55PM) for more legendary beer experiences on TV.

Beer. There is nothing quite like it. It is the perfect drink at the end of a stressful day as well as the ideal companion during a really good time. We drink it to celebrate, to mourn, with steak, with peanuts, there is virtually no situation that beer cannot simultaneously improve or worsen.

JackTV celebrates this golden concoction of happiness with a bunch of shows. There’s Brew Dogs, that focuses on two brewers going around fulfilling beer brewing-related challenges. There’s Best Bars in America, where two comedians go around hitting the best places to get a drink in. (And frankly, there is no better person to ask about bars than a comedian.) And then there’s Geeks Who Drink, a game show with geeks and drinking.

You’re probably thinking, “man, that’s a lot of shows that involve alcohol consumption”. The logical response to that is a.) yes, and those shows comprise probably the most entertaining alcohol-related block in all of television, and b.) featuring drinking in entertainment is not a new thing. Pop culture has been filled with moments that involved beer drinking and here are some of the most memorable uses of beer in movies and television:

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Beer Shower


If you’re a wrestling fan of any age, you would know exactly what moment this is. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the top guy of the company then known as the WWF, was locked in a bitter feud with Vince McMahon, owner of said company. For months, Vince and his cronies have made it a point to mess with Austin’s life; cheating him out of the championship several times. Austin was alone, facing perhaps the most powerful man in the company and his brown nosing henchmen, so he did the most logical thing to do: drive a beer truck in the ring and hose down all of his enemies with beer. It made for some legendary television.

Flaming Moe’s


The legendary loser bartender from The Simpsons, Moe, has always had brushes of success that usually ends in abject failure. The best example would be the classic Simpsons episode “Flaming Moe’s”, wherein Moe discovers a new drink of the same name. Basically, it’s Duff Beer lit on fire. It became super popular, breathing new life into his dying bar. However, things go all too hell, because that’s what happens when you hang out with Homer Simpson.

The World’s End bar fight


The World’s End is a movie about a group of friends determined to finish a pub crawl despite an alien invasion. This culminates in a scene wherein they have to tussle with a group of aliens called “The Blanks” in final bar of the crawl, “The World’s End”. Simon Pegg’s character does his part in fighting these conquerors, all the while struggling to finish his pint of beer and completing the crawl. It’s got action, sci-fi and a whole lot of drinking.

Beer has been so ingrained in our culture that is has influenced a lot of our movies and TV shows. With JackTV’s Beer Block, you can relax, have a drink or two, and be entertained. Remember, when beer is involved, the possibility of a classic moment is always around.