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My Pub Crawl Experience with JackTV

As a comedian, as well as a drinker, I’ve always gravitated towards people and groups who know and understand fun. So, it was quite a treat for me to be invited to join in on the JackTV Pub Crawl to celebrate their new upcoming beer-related shows Geeks Who Drink, Brew Dogs, and Best Bars in America. I’ve never been on a pub crawl before that night, and while the night of July 21 was quite rainy, it did not impede JackTV’s Night Crawlers from having a tremendous night on the streets of Kapitolyo.

I was not able to catch the first stop of the crawl, which was at El Guapo’s. due to work. I am a fan of Tex Mex cuisine though, and since everyone in the crawl was raving about El Guapo’s food (and drinks), I would definitely be visiting that place soon enough.


The next stop was St. Patrick’s, a traditional Irish Pub that seemed very ideal for a night of meaningful conversation over more than a few pints.


The third venue, Tittos, boasted a unique menu and was a very satisfying stopover as their variety of dishes hit all the right spots.


Kapihan ni Igan, the fourth stop, was a pelasant surprise. Despite the name, the place had way more than coffee to offer its hungry and tasty patrons.


The variety of sinful treats like the Spam fries and chicharon bulaklak paired with the ice cold beer was the perfect lead up to the final stop: Sky High Bar. With the beautiful city skyline in full view, the Night Crawlers enjoyed beer, cocktails and more great food like any Sky High can offer.



It was a night of drinks, games, and great interaction with some very interesting people. In all my encounters with jackTV, from Komikazee, to performing in Madfest and their Christmas show, the pub crawl has to be among my favorites. As I said earlier, people like me tend to gravitate towards those who know how and understand fun, and people like me will always be grateful for the existence of JackTV.

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