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Perfect Chemistry: A closer Look at the Relationships of Big Bang Theory

When the Big Bang Theory first aired, its appeal hinged solely on the quirky characters that lead the show. However, as the show progressed and seasons have passed, it has become much more than a comedy about the lives of societal outcasts Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, four geniuses who also happen to be uber nerds, it has evolved into a story of relationships and family. Today, we will take a look at each one of the three long term romantic relationships of the show and try to find out what makes each one work, and what makes them very entertaining.

Howard and Bernadette – The Mama’s Boy and The Dom

Howard Wolowitz always seemed like the most unlikely character in the show to hold down a real relationship, but the guy who was initially portrayed as a perverted geek is the first man to get married. When Bernadette entered the show, she saw through Howard’s insecurities and defences, and saw the good person that he truly is. Howard, upon seeing that there is someone that accepts him for who he is, regardless of goofy haircut and ridiculous wardrobe choices.Of all the relationships on the show, these two seem to be the most perfect for each other. Bernadette has proven to be quite the alpha, while Howard, given his relationship with his mother, often needs someone to act as an authority figure, while still respecting him as a man and as a genius. Bernadette can fulfil both roles and she fulfils them in an adorable way.

Sheldon and Amy “ShAmy” – They’re Just Weird

After two of the sweetest couples on TV, we have Sheldon and Amy. The unfeeling robot, and the strange girl.Sheldon and Amy as a couple are charming, albeit very strange. They are rarely intimate (that’s mostly Sheldon), and whenever there are moments wherein Sheldon cracks his barrier of seeming apathy, it makes for some really amazing TV moments.

Leonard and Penny – The Polar Opposites

Even as early as the first episode, Leonard and Penny’s relationship has always been the focal point of the show’s seasonal story arc. Penny and Leonard are the traditional polar opposites, a trope that is prevalent in almost every romantic story. Leonard, a scientist with protracted social skills, and Penny, a carefree waitress, everything about them is different, from the things they like to their backgrounds. Even their respective physical appearances are opposites. One is short and the other is tall, one is brunette, the other blonde, etc. This kind of relationship is often seen in other shows, but what makes Leonard and Penny unique is that it didn’t happen overnight. Everyone that has been following the show knows what the two had to go through in order to finally end up together, and that has made every fan root for them for several seasons. This is what a real relationship is; something you work for regardless of differences and hurdles. Leonard and Penny defy the trope by being more realistic than other “opposites attract” stereotype.

The Big Bang Theory is, once again, a story of people coming together, forming relationships, despite their unusual personalities. This is what makes the show very touching. Hopefully, the next time we take a look at them, Raj has found love as well.