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People you should look for when watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Based from a very popular, manga inspired indie comic by Bryan O’Malley, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a movie that somehow epitomizes an entire generation of millennial hipsters in the best possible way. With an increased obsession with gaming, indie music and a generally laid back demeanor, Scott Pilgriim and the rest of the characters of the movie can be a precursor to how life is today.

It tells the story of Scott Pilgrim, an underachieving, apathetic member of the band Sex Bob-ombs. Scott was fine living a quiet, plain life of hanging out with his girlfriend Knives Chau and his roommate Walllace and all in all just floating through the world doing his thing. Things changed when he meets and falls in love with the literal girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers. Scott feels a spark of life, and pursues her, finding out that the only way to get her was to go through all of her evil exes. Told in a very stylistic video game inspired manner, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is truly a must watch.

The movie is so good in fact, that people tend to neglect the number of now big name superstars who are in the cast and were only on their way up to being household names. Here are some of them:

 Chris Evans 


This was a bit before Chris started playing Captain America but after he played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four. He plays one of the evil exes, Lucas Lee, action star and skate boarder. Chris’ comedic range on full display here, portraying a dense, self-involved bad guy. The exact opposite of Steve Rogers.

 Aubrey Plaza 


The comedienne that became one of the most popular cast members in the comedy Parks and Recreation appears Julie Powers. Her character tends to spread rumors and is very critical of Scott Pilgrim’s choices.

 Brandon Routh 


The man who would be Superman in a movie and The Atom in DC’s The Legebds of Tomorrow TV show makes an appearance as a supervillain, like Chris Evans. Brandon plays one of the evil exes, Todd Ingram. Todd is a bassist, like Scott. He is also a vegan, adding to his villainy.

 Anna Kendrick 


Before Anna Kendrick became a superstar with the comedy musical Pitch Perfect, she played Scott Pilgrim’s sister, Stacey Pilgrim. Stacey and Scott’s relationship is far from ideal, but the two do have a seemingly natural sibling chemistry.

 Brie Larson 


The star of Kong Skull Island and soon to be star of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson appears in the move as Envy Adams, who is Scott ex. (Ramona isn’t the only one with evil exes.) Envy is a singer in a very popular indie band and is dating Todd Ingram.

There are others, but that would be considered spoilers. Check out Scott Pilgrim vs the World for its heart, story, humor, and for a chance to see all these stars when they were just kinda famous.

Watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on JackTV this coming June 21, 2017, 8:00 PM!