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Springfield’s Unsung Heroes: The Simpsons Characters that Need More Love!

In the decades that The Simpsons has been on the air, the acclaimed TV series has made people all over the world fall in love with their characters. And by this statement, we are not just referring to the actual Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie),but as well as the numerous staple characters that occupy the town of Springfield. From Bart’s idol, Krusty the Clown, Homer’s boss Mr. Burns and his assistant Smithers, to Simpsons’ next door neighbours the Flanders, the residents of Springfield boast some of the most iconic and popular characters in television history.

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The show gives way to other people in the lives of the Simpsons. We all got to know the teaching staff and the students of Springfield Elementary, the officers of Springfield PD and almost every other person living in the fictional place. However, there are some of the more obscure Simpsons characters out there that may benefit from extra attention. These characters are easily recognizable, even though even the most loyal of fans may have trouble remembering these character’s names. Here’s is but a few of the characters that deserve some more love:



It’s not uncommon for a show like The Simpsons to create a character out of a single throwaway joke, but such is the origin of Disco Stu. When Homer was having a garage sale, he was going to sell a disco jacket with the words “Disco Stud” bedazzled in the back, or at least that’s what it would have said had he not run out of space. It read “Disco Stu”, and fortuitously, a disco fan named Disco Stu strolls in and buys what he refers to as the perfect jacket. Disco Stu has since become a staple. He is both charismatic and mysterious, and should be in the spotlight more.



In almost every episode, an elderly man is shown in awkward situations, like in the bushes, or in the sewers. This elderly man always seems lost, unaware of his location and physically unable to improve his situation. This man is Hans Moleman, and why he’s rarely at the Springfield Retirement Home with Abe Simpson is a story worth telling.


Springfield Elementary is ruled by a set of bullies led by the unfortunate Nelson (casual fans know him as the kid that goes “HA HA!”) and features Jimbo Jones, but of all the bullies, Kearney seems to be the most interesting.


This huge bald headed bully has been revealed, over the years, as having a kid (or kids), drives a car, gotten romantically involved with Jimbo’s mom, and a host of other things no grade schooler, bully or otherwise, should ever be doing. 



Gil is very visible to fans as he shows up in almost every episode as a down-on-his-luck schmuck, doing a random odd job each time we see him just to make ends meet. Gil is the ultimate underdog; life’s favourite punching bag, and seeing more of Gil would definitely make any fan root for the guy.

These are but a few of the many characters in the Simpsons that we believe should get their day in the sun, and one of the great things about the show is that given how unpredictable it is, do not be surprised if any of these characters, or even the more obscure ones, get their shot.

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