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Summer Ready Characters!

Summer is a time of fun. As the sun heats up and school gets temporarily closed, even those who don’t go to school anymore feel a certain state of steadiness that makes them daydream about having a few days to spend by the sea, worrying about nothing and stressing about even less. There are certain characters in your favorite JackTV shows that embody this mood, and here is a list of these summer ready characters.


Bart Simpson


Nobody is more Summer-y that El Barto. Bart, known for his tendencies of skipping school to create mischief all over Springfield, is the type of kid who would can have fun anywhere. Whether he’s at a beach, by the pool, or simply just chilling in his own home, Bart Simpson is exactly what a good summer day feels like: relaxed but adventurous, with nothing important to do.


Mick Rory


From The Flash and Dc’s Legends of Tomorrow, Mick Rory embodies the defining characteristic of the season: the heat. As Heatwave, Rory wields his flame gun and he enjoys setting the world on fire in his usual, unpredictable brand of criminal chaos. As a Legend, Mick is the team’s blunt instrument, always ready for a good fight. This summer, we should all follow Mick’s lead and turn our brains off a bit to enjoy a bit of crazy. (Note: Firestorm was originally considered for this list, but considering Professor Stein’s half of Firestorm, we have decided to go with Mick.)


Emily Locke


Powerless’ very own Emily Locke being put in this list may raise a few eyebrows. After all, the head of Wayne Security R and D tends to be way too uptight to be put on a list that consists of mostly fun loving individuals, but Emily Locke is more summer than one would expect. Her boundless energy, enthusiasm and optimism make Emily a walking ray of sunshine all by herself. This bright, sunny disposition is what everyone needs during summer, a season where we all believe that anything is possible.


Phil Miller


The Last Man on Earth represents what a lot of us feel during summer time: the need to be anti-social. When Phil finds himself alone, he enjoyed it for a bit then he longed for company. When he finally found that company, Phil is hilariously miserable. For a lot of us, summer is like that. Summer begins, and we’re ready to go out, hit the clubs with our friends, or got to beaches or climb mountains or do whatever people do on vacation. Then, after a while, we realize that maybe the best way to spend the summer season is to stay indoors, alone, enjoying a marathon of our favorite shows without the hassle that comes with the presence of other people.

Whether you’re the outgoing, fun-loving Bart Simpson or you’re more of an isolated Phil Miller, the point of summer is to relax and find fun. Find your ideal summer experience, and enjoy it to the fullest, because this is the right season for it.