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The Three Flavors Trilogy

It can be considered that British comedy movies do not make as much of an impact as the its Hollywood counterparts, but if there is a series of movies that have a strong following, it’s the collaboration of director Edgar Wright and his lead actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. This creative team has put forth a trilogy of memorable movies that are connected by simply one element: ice cream. Known As the Three Flavors of Cornetto trilogy, here’s a rundown of the three movies in the series:

Hot Fuzz


Hot Fuzz is a comedy action movie that sees Pegg playing a by-the-book police officer in the big city who gets transferred to a small town after getting too close to exposing a bunch of dirty cops. The boring town is a little too slow for this cop, and to make matters worse, his partner, played by Frost, is a total buddy cop movie nerd, frequently quoting dialogue from movies like Point Break, Lethal Weapon and the like. The town is not exactly as it seems, as the small and sleepy place hides an incredibly dark conspiracy. The two cops team up to bring the bad guys down, in true buddy cop fashion. Hot Fuzz features some great comedy, and it also boasts some surprisingly tremendous action scenes. The movie features a scene where Nick Frost enjoys a blue Cornetto, symbolizing the police elements of the movie.

Shaun of the Dead


While Hot Fuzz takes nods from buddy cop movies, Shaun of the Dead, as the title suggests, takes its cues from legendary zombie movies. In this second movie, it becomes evident that director Edgar Wright is pretty adept as mixing genres, as this comedy also features some legitimately scary scenes. Pegg plays the titular character and Frost plays the best friend. They are middle aged slackers who seem to have never grown up, spending the majority of their days playing video games, drinking beer and acting pretty much like college students much to the chagrin of Shaun’s girlfriend. They are forced to reevaluate everything once the zombie apocalypse hits and they have to save everyone as well as survive the undead threat. In this movie, they show Nick Frost’s character eating a strawberry Cornetto, the implication being the red equals blood and gore.

The World’s End


In the third installment of the ice cream inspired trilogy, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are joined by a lot of familiar faces from the previous two films (most notably Martin Freeman, of The Hobbit, Sherlock and Civil War fame) as they all play a bunch of old friends reuniting to relive a legendary pub crawl they had in their youth. With all of them at an advanced age and with other real responsibilities to think about, it was something they all needed to do, with the crawl ending at a bar called The World’s End. Incidentally, strange events occur, as all of a sudden, they find themselves smack dab in the middle of an alien invasion. (Genre mix again!) Representing the aliens is the green Cornetto wrapper floating about.

Truly, this trilogy is worth watching and rewatching. While the Cornetto thing started off as a throwaway running gag, there is no denying that all three movies are hours upon hours of great filmmaking, writing, acting and comedy.