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New Show Alert: Time After Time

We live in an age of remakes and reboots and rehashed ideas, and that’s not entirely a bad thing, as long as the newer version is, as is a general rule when rehashing old material, an improved version of the original. The new TV series about to hit everyone’s screens, Time After Time, is shaping up to be one of those cases wherein the re-imagined version is very much an improved version of the original from several aspects. Based on a novel and a movie of the same name, Time After Time features the adventures of science fiction writer HG Wells, who builds a time machine to find and confront the notorious serial killer Jack The Ripper. 

The book (and the movie for that matter) came out in 1979, and was written by Karl Alexander.  It was met with high praise from the critics and was made into a successful movie soon after publication. Decades later, a TV show is being released, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it.

One of the foremost reasons why Time After Time is one of the new shows everyone should tune in for is the writing. With Kevin Williamson performing the duties writer, one can only expect high drama, great characterization, and interesting dialogue that paves the way for memorable character interactions. Williamson’s body of work includes the Scream franchise, the slasher movie that reignited interested in the genre back in the early 90s, when horror movies have seemingly lost a lot of its steam. He is also responsible for another iconic 90s staple: the TV show Dawson’s Creek, a must see teen drama involving a film geek in a small town with his small circle of friends.

The main characters of Time After Time are reason enough to tune in. HG Wells, portrayed by Freddie Stroma, has always been seen as a larger than life individual, and the book, the movie and the TV show are not the only times Wells, an actual science fiction writer, has been used as a protagonist in fictional stories. Wells the writer and Wells the character both seem to have a very keen interest in adventure, and for a weekly show, is the perfect lead.

On the flip side of things, the perfect antagonist for an adventure seeking character like HG Wells is Jack the Ripper, portrayed by Josh Bowman. Also based on an actual living person, Jack’s crimes have lifted him up to mythical status the same well HG Wells has been. However, Jack is on the opposite side of the spectrum. With Wells being a being of knowledge and adventure, Jack the Ripper resides in darkness and mystery, with only letters to the newspapers announcing his existence. Polar opposites that share one common theme usually makes for a great storyline, and with a proven writer banging out scripts, Time After Time is loaded with potential.

Of all the new shows coming out, Time After Time is up there in the interesting ranks. Let’s all tune in to find out if the show truly does live up to the originals as well as the expectations.