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Ways that Family Guy is surprisingly relatable

Family Guy is currently one of the funniest and most popular shows on TV. It had a trademark brand of humor that is unapologetic, employing a unique method of cutaways to deliver the barbs often targeting various pop culture figures. The show features an odd collection of really strange characters and showcases a very high level of unpredictability which attributes to its current success. That is why calling Family Guy ‘relatable” can be quite surprising, but it is. Here are a few was why:

Stewie no longer seeks world domination


When the show started, Stewie was a baby that secretly wanted to take over the world. After a few seasons, it seems that that is no longer part of his plans and spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend Brian, the dog. While Stewie remains a baby, it can be argued that he sort of grew up. We all had grandiose dreams in our youth; proverbially wanting to take over the world. However, life progressed, and we realized that certain aspirations are not meant to be and we all matured enough to know that it’s okay. It’s something that everyone has to come to grips with at a certain point, and seemingly, Stewie has.

We are all Meg

Meg is the Griffin’s only daughter and a huge portion of the show is devote to portraying Meg as a fat, unattractive lonely girl. To make things worse, it is her family that constantly points out her physical shortcomings, thus fueling Meg’s self esteem issues. While this is all presented in a very humorous fashion in the show, there is a dark familiarity to this. We have all been made to feel inferior by people that we have entrusted ourselves to, whether it was intentional or not. Anyone who has ever been compared to someone else, everyone who’s ever felt insecure about their looks, basically everyone who has at some point doubted their value knows exactly how Meg feels.

Peter and friends represent every guy’s night out

Peter Griffin and his buddies on a weekly basis seem to go off on these outlandish adventures, from drinking competitions to going off to Korea. While most paint these shenanigans as the activities of cartoon characters, it actually is how guys view their times with their friends. When guys get together, especially those who are at a certain age, with responsibilities and families and such, is always feels like an adventure, regardless of the actual activity.

Brian is the loneliest character ever and he deals with it

Brian is the family’s dog. He can talk. He is extremely intelligent. He is very cultured and sophisticated. And that is the problem. Brian is way too smart to feel at home with other dogs (and most of the time he’s shown as smarter than most humans too). And being a dog, he can never be truly feel like he belongs with the humans. So what does he do? He drinks. He gets in a ton of affairs. He does a lot of self destructive stuff that honestly, we all ted to do when we’re feeling a little off.

Beneath the colourful scenes and the comedic sequences, one can break down every single Family Guy character and see someone we know (or we are). This makes the show even more interesting than it already is.