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Characters We Want to See in “Powerless”

For comic book fans, “Powerless” is a very huge and incredible treat. It has always been a subject of wonder and curiosity how the non-metahumans in a superhero universe live, and “Powerless” not only presents that in true fantastic form, they present us with the lives of ordinary people who happen to have a front row seat into superhuman activities. The show is actually set in the DC comics Universe, about employees of a branch of Wayne Enterprises, specializing on the research and development of technology to protect people from superhero fights, run by Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Van. Early on, audiences can’t help but wonder which iconic character shows up. Here are some of the ones we want to see the most:

Bruce Wayne

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This is a no brainer. The guy owns the company the main characters of the show work in. Their boss is his cousin. Not putting Bruce in the show might seem to be a wasted opportunity. In fact, Bruce’s alter-ego, Batman, doesn’t even need to show up. The Batman’s live-action TV appearances are limited at best, due to various legal and creative issues, but having Bruce pay a visit to the offices would be a nice treat.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

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These two are DC comics’ actual dynamic duo. The superhero from the future, Booster Gold, and his best friend, the Blue Beetle, have become a cult hit among fans due to their humorous adventurous, tendency to mess things up for the rest of the Justice League, and their sitcom-ish interaction not just with each other but with everyone else. There are no other two people more suited to be guests in a comedy show set in a superhero universe than these two.


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Atlanteans do show up in one of the early episodes of the show, but unfortunately, no appearance of the King of Atlantis just yet. Since “Powerless” is set in a world where bumping into superheroes is an almost routine occurrence, the majority of people don’t really find themselves in awe of these superbeings, as opposed to when superheroes first appeared in the early days. This is then what makes the prospect of an Aquaman guest appearance so interesting: a whole world of characters potentially making fun of the “dude who talks to fish”.

Lex Luthor

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Aside from being a multi-millionaire and a super genius, Lex Luthor is just a regular guy. (A regular guy who’s gone toe to toe with Superman, but a regular guy still) Of all the villains in the DC Universe, having Lex Luthor on “Powerless” makes the most sense. Seeing Lex, a tremendous businessman, experienced politician and gifted scientist, match wits with the unbelievably inept Van Wayne would be some awesome television.

Since other TV shows with superheroes from the DC Universe seem to be set in a different dimension as “Powerless”, it’s unlikely that Flash, Green Arrow or Supergirl might drop by, but, DC comics has a very deep cast of characters that they can use. That is just one of the reasons why “Powerless” is one of the most exciting new shows on TV today.

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Written by: Rene Cruz Jr.