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Dutdutan 17: A Tribute to Pinoy Ink

Pintados!  Dutdutan 17 na!

A unique breed of art, an unwavering passion and a full-on Pinoy tattoo invasion.  

This year, JackTV will again join the revelry as hundreds of passionate skin artists converge for what is set to be the best Dutdutan yet. Check us out in the venue as we give away prizes for two whole days inside our booth and celebrate Pinoy ink-tegrity with all the fans of tats and needles on September 1 & 2 at the World Trade Center!

For years, Dutdutan has brought together under one big roof the finest tattoo artists from around the world. This year is no exception, and the lineup boasts of a true powerhouse of creativity and skill.  Reveling seventeen solid years of skin art, Dutdutan rages on to bring you the best inkers this industry has to offer.  Now touted to be the baddest and dopest tat con to invade this side of the planet, this massive two-day event is expected to create a utopian experience of ink, art and skin. 

Immerse yourself in the various facets of this unconventional art, check out the booths, witness master inkers at work, take pleasure in the much-anticipated event showcases and make those tattooing fantasies a reality.  Enjoy a raging, scorching festival of finely decorated skins and a full-on Pinoy ink experience that is genuinely Dutdutan!   

Tribal Clique
International Tribal Crew lives it up!
Flying in for this historic show is Tribal Gear founder Bobby Ruiz, with notorious inker Tone Chingon of Americana Tattoo Company, world renowned tat kat, designer and influencer Luke Wessman of New York Ink and badass Big Carlos Rivera of The Lower Left, San Diego, California.

Tattoo Competitions
Drawing in the Ink Masters 
Armed to burst in its concrete seams, local and international tattoo artists clash in a battle of creativity, skill and innovation vying for respect and recognition.  With the caliber of inkers joining, we wait with anticipation as Dutdutan once again showcase tattooing at its inspired best.

Whang Od
With reverence for genuine Filipino artistry and ingenuity, Dutdutan presents all due recognition and honor to Apo Whang Od, a living legend and the last Kalinga tattoo artist to hold the title of Mambabatok – the tattoo master.   

Tribal’s Bikini Contest 
Hotness overload!
Always been and always will be a huge hit at Dutdutan, Tribal Gear’s Bikini Contest returns with a sexier, kinkier and wilder show!  
Get your tools ready for scorchin’ hot Tribal babes as they strut their stuff on the runway, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.  Competition will be fierce.  Get the picture? 

Naughty On The Ramp
All about naughty and nice!
Don’t miss the newest and “naughtiest” fashion show to storm Dutdutan!  NOTR is going to be a display of sensual delights and everything nice.  

Local Bands
Fully amped nights!
Always a highlight at Dutdutan is its livewire cast of musical icons.  Watch out for performances from Franco, Razorback, Valley of Chrome, Basti Artadi, Rocksteddy, Queso, Skychurch, Chicosci and many more!.

All ROAD TRIPS lead to Dutdutan 17!

Tribal Drum Duel 
We brought the Duel on the road to inspire and support more drummers in the pursuit of their musical dreams.  Now it’s time for the newest Drum King to reign! Finalists will clash in an ultimate drum showdown and conquer this ‘bad-ass drummer universe’!

A Shred Fest + Deck Graffiti
It’s the ultimate guitar battle! Watch VD shredders gifted with the stroke, rhythm and speed display those hammer-ons and pull-offs! This is one high-octane show to watch out for! And there will also be an exhibit of the coolest works of the Finalists of the Deck Graffiti. Another medium that proves graffiti is a genuine street art form worthy of recognition.  Winners will be announced at Dutdutan.