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The Big Bang Theory Snap It! (March 10) promo mechanics

Promo will run from Sept 20, 2016 until the last episode of The Big Bang Theory Season 10.
Promo is open to all Jack TV followers on Facebook. The winner must all be 18 years old and above.
During the episode of TBBT, a call-to-action lower thirds will appear leading the viewer to the question on Jack TV’s Facebook page.
Example phrase: Join our conversation online at! Surprises await to those who will participate.
Jack TV will post a TBBT gif of a scene of any of the characters doing an act during the current episode. (Ex. Sheldon seating on the couch, Penny opening the door, etc.)
Participants should “Snap it”; take a photo of that particular scene while watching The Big Bang Theory on Jack TV. Jack TV logo must be included in the photo.
Participants should post the photo at the comment section of the TBBT Snap It! post and send their contact details to
Three winners per episode will be chosen through an electronic raffle.