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Why you should watch the heroes on JackTV?

Superheroes are popular for a reason. TV shows and movies that feature superheroes provide a level of excitement that few other types of entertainment could. These colorful characters wake up every morning off to fight evil and ready to safeguard to the world against whoever threatens it. Basically, superheroes are just fun.

JackTV is proud to have DC’s TV superhero lineup: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. If there are a bunch of shows that you should watch that feature superheroes, it’s these. Here are a few reasons why:

They live in a shared universe.

One thing that stands out about comic books is that every character a part of a much larger universe. The TV shows tried to capture that, and have done so very well. The Green Arrow and The Flash operate in their respective cities, Supergirl’s world is in a nearby alternate dimension, while The Legends are flying around the timeline. The larger universe makes every story feel important, as there are consequences that affect all characters in the entire universe.

Team ups!

This television expanded universe started with Arrow, then branched off into The Flash and then the other two shows inevitably came out. Once the universe was established, this opened up the possibilities of team ups, and the shows certainly have delivered. Once or twice per season, we are treated to huge team ups between The Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow in various forms. Not only do they have yearly major team ups but you never know who would show up as a guest character in another heroes’ show for a quick team up. Whether it’s Vibe helping out team Arrow or Captain Cold causing havoc in Central City while working with the Legends make the TV shows extremely unpredictable. And with a list of characters so deep, the possible combinations are incredible.

Colorful characters, you say?

Despite being produced for TV, the shows look amazing. The Flash’s iconic lightning bolts are perfectly rendered, and the Legends of Tomorrow look amazing together as a group when they suit up. From Heatwave’s extremely rough look, with White Canary’s leather, Commander Steel’s patriotic get up and the Atom’s armor, the Legends look like legit superheroes.

The Villains.

A good contingent of superhero fans are fans because of one thing: the villains. After all, what is a hero without a great bad guy to fight? Each of the heroes in the shows have their own personal bad guys, but it’s great when they share their opponents. Malcom Merlyn, Vandal Savage, Damian Dark, Eobard Thawne, Leonard Snart, King Shark are but a few of the bad guys that have made an appearance in more than one superhero show. These guys love creating chaos, and we all love watching them do it.

JackTV has an amazing lineup of heroes in its programming. Week after week, these heroes deliver some classic nerd flavored goodness that we all know and love. Watch these heroes, all of them, and have yourself an incredibly good time.