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!LLMIND x MOROBEATS: Down with the Brown

If you've been watching Jo Koy from the beginning of his Netflix appearances, you now probably have an idea on how his shows usually plays out, it's about 50mins of mostly Tagalog referenced jokes and punchlines that knock you off your feet and just go ROTFL, But following his latest appearance, he mixes it up a bit and puts that Pinoy pride on full blast more than ever.

Just a few weeks ago, Netflix released "Jo Koy: In His Elements'' and featured local Pinoy culture with guest comedians, DJ's, and dancers, celebrating everything Filipino. Given that this was a totally different approach from your usual Jo Koy stand up, we're not  here to talk about his star-studded attendees nor his funniest jokes, we're here to talk about music. We can't help but think about Jo Koy being into Hiphop. He even mentions this in his show that he was an OG Bboy back in the 80s and how his mother would make him dance like Michael Jackson -which is dope and would explain his killer moves on stage.

For those who aren't really into HipHop in general, newsflash! Hiphop is kind of big right now in the PH, and for Jo Koy to make that connection from his roots which was Breakdancing; puts a nice touch to complement the title of his show ''In his Elements" and it all worked out for the best.

Among the many notable moments Jo Koy had in his show was the small part of collaboration between illmind and DJ MedMessaiah producing the song, "KAYUMANGGI" which means Brown in Tagalog.

In one scene, we saw  DJ Medmessiah sample out some Moro sounding loops for !LLMIND and it was interesting to see because it kind of feels like DJ Med was there guiding !LLMIND in reconnecting with his roots in some type of way, the same way !llmind was taking DJMed on how he goes about producing music. You could say they were 'crossbreeding' beats.

To see these guys working together was truly inspiring; more importantly, for the ones who are really passionate about making music, and to work together with someone like !LLMIND is really something else.

!llmind is a record producer and songwriter that has worked with superstar names like Erykah Badu, 50 Cent, Drake, and now collaborating with DJ Medmessiah from Morobeats who's been in the pinoy underground scene for decades, gave a real sense of pride to oneself. - and why wouldn't we be proud? The song literally encourages you to be proud of your own skin when you live in a society that encourages you to whiten it. It's time to embrace our own and be down with the brown, right?

All things considered, we just love seeing pinoys make it to the big leagues. It gives us hope that we can do it too and what's even better is doing it together. I guess that's that pinoy-puso-pride we love taking part of.  

If you haven't heard the song yet, check out the demo version Hook written by Dj Medmessiah and sung by Palos with verses written and performed by Tanikala with Medmessiah's daughter's A and Fateeha.



We also made a list of some of the dopest pinoy made hiphop recently dropped ICYMI:


The Pharm: "Forces We Deliver"

8 years ago Skarm released a video in youtube with Liquid, sKarm, Lloyd & Flexx

What seemed to be a cypher sesh in their backyard titled "Forces I Deliver."


Fast forward to this day, we are treated to a remastered version of this with "Forces of We Deliver, from The Pharm,"


Bugoy Na Koykoy - "Let Me Do My Thing"

Need some motivation when you're on the grind? Just pop in that Bugoy Na Koykoy mixtape and let that hustler's mentality take you to the top.

Loonie - "Wag Ka Mag Droga"

Following Loonie's recent brush with authorities, he recently released this new single. The message is clear tho.


Bawal Clan/ Owfuck - "Pating sa Kadiliman"

Heavyweights Bawal Clan and OWFUCK bring us this collaborative piece. This one goes hard.


Nobrvnd- "Wag Kang Umalis"


This DIY made music video proves we can still create content even if you're in lockdown.

Kartell'em, BLKD- "BOY"


Rap Group Kartell'em teams up with BLKD painting us a grim picture of the PH drug war.


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