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Hollywood is full of geeks

“Geeks who Drink” is a very interesting game show concept that features notable members of geekdom let their hair down, have a few drinks and compete. The show is hosted by Zachary Levi, a prominent geek in his own right, who was made popular by his role in the TV show “Chuck”. His place in geek culture was cemented when he started playing Fandral in the Thor movies. See, while Hollywood may seem like it’s full of the cool kids, its’s geeks that’s the lifeblood of film and television. People who grew up being huge fans of pop culture who end up shaping it. Here are a few notable geeks in the industry today:

Kevin Smith

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When it comes to geeks in Hollywood, they don’t come any bigger (in every sense of the word) than Silent Bob himself. After breaking out in the scene with his initial film “Clerks”, a movie chock full of Star Wars references, and his follow up, “Mallrats”, which is considered to be ahead of its time with its love for comic books. His career began in the 90s, and to this day, Smith is considered to be an authority in geekdom, as a filmmaker, a comic book writer and a celebrity.

Michael Cera

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Michael Cera looks like the epitome of the socially awkward geek. Just take a look almost all of his roles, from brutally nice George Michael Bluth in TV’s “Arrested Development”, to the shy best friend in “Juno” to video game addict slacker Scott Pilgrim in “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”. Maybe one reason he plays the roles so convincingly is that Cera actually is a geek from childhood.

Joss Whedon

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For most geeks, Joss Whedon can be pretty much defined as a god. After making a name for himself in the uber-popular “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” TV series, which led to the spin off “Angel”, expanding the so-called “Buffyverse” and making devoted lifelong fans of both the fictional universe and Whedon himself, Whedon also wrote a very impressive run on X-Men. And of course, he is the man who brought The Avengers to the big screen and soon, the Justice League. As a lifelong comic book fan, helming the premier group of superheroes for both major comic book companies is a landmark, regardless of what you may feel about Whedon’s work.

Patton Oswalt

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Stand up comedian Patton Oswalt is a highly regarded comic especially when it comes to social commentary. One of the many reasons why Patton achieved such popularity is because of his bits that show off his love for both film and comic books. He is a trivia machine, and being able to include his passions into his act is nothing short of impressive.

Geeks tend to be creative, and when you’re in Hollywood, being creative is a key to success. That is why there is an enormous amount of geekery in show business. Geeks producing stuff that other geeks would love, or even create new geeks and fandoms, which then leads to those geeks creating their own stuff, contributing to pop culture even more. This cycle of inspiration is what keeps the business alive and well, and extremely fun.