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Be astig - cut your own hair!

The summer heat + the boredom - salons open = is it time to cut your hair?

Why not?

Here’s a rough guide on what to prepare for your first self-haircut!

Youtuber / Hairdresser extraordinaire Brad Mondo actually has a tutorial on his channel for:

Short Hair



Long Hair


Ready? Here's what you need and got to do:

1. Get the right tools

Shears, Clippers, Comb, Mirror, Shampoo, Conditioner. There are clippers and shears sold online but for the bare minimum, at least have a mirror, comb and scissors ready.

2. Comb and Section

If you have long hair, part your hair as you usually do and split into four sections from you front/back and to the sides. This helps making the cuts more even length.

3. Start Snipping

It’s always better to take off less first than more - that way, you don’t accidentally chop everything off. Comb through the sections and check the mirror to at least see if everything’s the same length.

4. Bangs / Hair Dye

A classic question - should you get bangs? Should you dye your hair? Let this quarantine play the devil’s advocate - you can experiment and if it doesn't work out, you can grow your hair back or say, "Quarantine kasi, bro!"

5. Give Up

If you haven’t given up by now or regretted the baby bangs you just made - congratulations! Lodi ka namin!

The real last step is to just accept that no one gets it right the first time.

Luckily, hair grows and no one will see you for the next few weeks. Remember to tip your hairdressers a little extra the next time and leave the haircutting to the professionals.