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Getting a tattoo is serious business

Thinking of getting inked?

Whether you’ve been thinking about it since forever or just out of boredom - there’s no backing out once quarantine is over!

Here are a few ideas:

Start Small


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If you’re testing out the waters about how much ink and pain you can handle - start with small tattoos. A star is always a safe bet, an emoji if you’re feeling hip, or anything less than an inch square. Fast, cheap and easy!

Be Bold


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You know what, if you’re gonna get a tattoo might as well get a TATTOO. Nothing feels more satisfying than giving a tattoo artist a bigger canvas. Perfect for pieces inspired by paintings, portraits, or works that require a lot of detail and contrast.

Use Words


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Do you love your M.O.M. or want to permanently ink your instagram bio? No judging! Really cool typography or a well-meaning line can be great conversation starters with any stranger.

Play with Geometry


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Channel your geometry lessons with patterns, line, angles and shapes. The effects are cutting edge!

Splash of color


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Shade outside the lines and spin the color wheel! Experiment with watercolor inspired tattoos and paint strokes, use all the colors possible or make a statement with just one pop of color.

Your body, your rules! Make sure to do your research and go to a clean and safe tattoo parlor. Choose 1 of our suggestions or mix them all - the combinations are endless. Happy inking!