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Make landi this quarantine - you can do it!

The world is going digital and so are our love lives. ECQ may keep us physically apart from our boyfriend/girlfriend/kalandian what have you, but when there’s a will, there’s a way!

Here are some ways to keep the sparks alive while staying safe at home:

1. N*tflix and chill

... is still possible! The cuddles will have to wait but for once you can actually focus on the show/movie. 

You can do it via app. You can also decide to press play at the same time and watch in separate devices. Pause when you want to chika. With this movie date, walang magsi-shh sa daldalan -este- landian n'yo.

2. Send them food

Nothing says “I love you” like free food. We all know “kumain ka na ba?” literally translates to “I care for you” in the world of Pinoy landian (aminin!). Check if your favorite restaurant delivers and you’ll be sure your S.O. will eat well that day. 

3. Deliver them bread or baked goodies.

There is a 10% chance one of you have made or attempted to make bread, pastries, and cookies at home. How sweet would it be if you send them to your jowa over?

For those who are just starting out their relationship, maybe you can send them a ‘starter’ for basic bread or cupcake making, complete with ingredients and maybe, even cooking tools. Thoughtful and sweet, sa'n ka pa?

4. Attend concerts

ONLINE. Are your dates usually at gigs or concerts? Search among the many free live concerts and watch it together. Find your favorite artists who are also in quarantine mode but are playing for free in the comfort of their home. Bawal mass gatherings ngayon, so this is the safest bet.

Besides, you can still message them “Beh, it’s our song!”.

5. Play video games

There are plenty of online games to choose from whether on apps, websites or consoles. If you’re on the Animal Crossing hype, you can even visit each other’s islands and have a date there (with animals third-wheeling).

Have a battle and even chat -instead of trash talk- on an RPG. Just make sure you don't get snipered by the enemy. Landi responsibly on PUBG!

6. Work out together

Oras na para malusaw ang mga sebo sa katawan - it has been 40+ plus days in quarantine, bros!

Make your video calls productive and beat Quarantine 15 together. It’s extra pressure on both of you and you get to be each other’s trainer/cheerleader.

There are surely many more ways to stay connected with your significant other - just be creative. Remember to stay safe and in love!