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Take photos at home like a pro

Whether it’s for your Instagram Feed or just learning the basics, photography is always a handy skill and fun outlet! Use these easy tips and tricks to start your photography journey even during this quarantine.

1. Learn the settings of your camera / phone
If you haven’t already, you’re probably missing out on a lot of features to enhance your photos like brightness, ISO, and temperature to name a few. Check out your phone manual or Google for more tips and tricks in using your settings.

2. Use gridlines to get a balanced photo

Turn it on and you’ll be able to see how straight your shots are, or how centered your shot is for starters. Follow the rule of thirds - either center things inside boxes or place elements on the grid line intersections. 

3. Find your light

Light indoors, outdoors and from your flash all create a different effect. You can work around many different sources of artificial light, and also remember that sunlight gives a different vibe depending on the time. 

Consider shooting during 'golden hour' - this is period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The sun is higher in the sky at this time.

For 'magic hour', catch it shortly before sunrise and shortly after sunset. Now this is a fave among cinematographers because of the beautiful color palette this hour produces.

Also, like what Tyra Banks says, "find your light; smize".

4. Use different textures and color

Try to mix and match the textures and colors in your photos. Vivid sunset skies and shadows of buildings for example, or a crazy bright outfit against a dull smooth wall. Contrast is fun! You can even try using a monochrome color - but with different textures.

Tip: If light comes through a window pane, don't clean the window just yet. Take advantage of the interesting light that passes through and take photos with it. Afterwards, you can clean the window. 

5. Try new perspectives

Flatlays can only last so long, so try moving yourself around the subject and check if there’s a new angle you haven’t tried before. Distances of objects also matter - try to divide your photos into foreground, middle and background - or just choose one and focus on that.

6. Mix and match

With all these new concepts - try all possible combinations! Go out of your house to your backyard and bring all the props possible and have a photoshoot with your pet. Or do the opposite route - do a dramatic, minimalist, black and white shoot just focused on one subject.

With all the new ways to take photos comes new ways to see the world - and there’s plenty more to discover. Practice, experiment and have fun. You get to try new things, improve your skills, and even expand your portfolio.