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This is your chance to be the chef you always wanted to be

It’s time to summon Gordon Ramsey. Why? 

Because everyone’s cooking at home and so should you!

Here are the top recipes to try this summer (according to everyone’s Instagram Stories)!


Who ever thought of grilling samgyupsal at home? Genius! No grill? A no-stick pan or hot plate will do.

Pork belly, kimchi, and lettuce make up the main ingredients. Just prepare the side dishes and dips of sesame oil, salt, and chili sauce you prefer. Also, it really is the Korean cousin of our own Inihaw na Liempo.

Tip: If you want to have an 'almost-tasting' stay-at-home kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew), put some kimchi in your Sinigang na Baboy!

Full recipe here

Dalgona Coffee

The mother of all quarantine recipes. Instant coffee, sugar, hot water, milk and a lot of willpower is all you need to whip this up to perfection. Or use a hand mixer, 'wag magpaka-bayani. As a bonus, try whipping up any instant drink and topping it off on milk.

Full recipe here.

Sourdough Bread

Let’s get this bread! The first of many breads to make it in this list is sourdough bread. This is perfect if you have around 5 days to watch the dough rise and obviously, everyone HAS time. May lakad ka ba sa labas?

Full recipe here.

Banana Bread

Sourdough bread is a little harder to master - but if you want to feel like an accomplished baker and not wait for an entire week to eat, try making banana bread! 

Full recipe here

Cinnamon Rolls

Go for a more an American twist - literally. Probably the most aesthetically pleasing and the most enjoyable process of the breads. And yass. THIS. SMELLS. GOOD.

Full recipe here.

Time to start whipping, baking, grilling and best of all - eating and proving to all your friends that yes, you are a chef!