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We rate the best chibog this quarantine season

The new norm is apparently panic buying from groceries, using the can opener, or turning everything into banana bread.

We sit down and review the most hoarded items or the food-related crazes since ECQ - the Quarantine Cuisine.

Are these items in your grocery or LGU relief goods list?

Canned Goods

Rating: 5/5 Must-Have Stars

A top-tier necessity. The variety is endless, and the lifespan? Nearly immortal. From tuna, to luncheon meat, to corned beef - you can eat all of these by itself. Add it in pasta and serve with some canned soup if you’re feeling a little fancy.

Instant Noodles

Rating: 2.5/5 Must-Have Stars

It’s all fun until after your fifth pack of noodles, it starts to get a little too much. Try different variants both local and from our neighboring asian countries.

Instant Coffee

Rating: 4/5 Must-Have Stars

A must. Don’t even argue. The love for iced coffee evolved into the Dalgona craze all over the world - try it for yourself. Just take a whisk and beat that instant coffee powder and water into foam and top it into some cold milk.

Dalgona Everything

Rating: 1.5/5 Must-Have Stars

The home chefs and the brands have definitely embraced their whisks as we see the new recipes pop up. Dalgona chocolate drink, Dalgona matcha, Dalgona fruit shakes, and even alcoholic twists of Dalgona. (Yo, it's still a liquor ban, so take it easy.)

Sourdough Bread

Rating: 3/5 Must-Have Stars

All this staying at home has revealed there is a baker inside all of us. When else will everyone have enough time to culture yeast and make sourdough? If you are trying to experiment please leave some flour, yeast and ingredients for the rest of us.

Banana Bread

Rating: 3.5/5 Must-Have Stars

Another DIY really putting everyone’s patience to the test. This is easier than sourdough and you can actually start preparing and eating the banana bread on the same day. There’s also bananas so it might be healthier? Who really knows.

Well, there you have it - the Quarantine Cuisine list of food items and our mini review. Save some yeast and get your whisks ready for new food crazes this stay-at-home summer.